Glenn C. Schoen is owner and CEO of Boardroom@Crisis BV (B@C) and advises organizations on improving their security and crisis management. His company provides tailor-made services to companies, associations, governments, family offices and international institutions.

His experience spans over 35 years and 30 nations in the course of which he has served over 250 clients with analysis support services and another 300+ with separate consulting projects ranging from daylong to multi-year engagements. He excels in helping security and crisis managers perform better and enabling them to attain and maintain board-level support for their operations.

Principal clients served over the course of his career are Fortune 1000 firms, international institutions and the US and Dutch governments. He has worked with officials from a range of other countries on multi-national projects as well, including the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Australia and Mexico.

Having gained extensive experience and insight in a number of verticals ranging from law enforcement and academic research to policymaking from top-tier practitioners, Glenn seeks to apply his skillsets in projects that enable practical client performance: actually making things work better. Working from a strategic perspective, his core objective is to help clients attain a more effective and efficient risk control process.

His security and crisis area specialties are terrorism and security threats to VIPs, major events, headquarter facilities, and core organizational assets and processes. Within these realms, a specific strength is threat and risks assessment and reviews/audits. His continuous striving is to add value in accomplishing the mission at hand.

Glenn primarily divides his time on engagements in Europe and to a lesser extent the United States. He uses The Hague, The Netherlands as his base of operations.

Via the WCOSP he is an active donor to the Security Benevolent Fund.

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