Glenn Schoen regularly assists the national and international media in providing context and clarity on security and crisis-related news developments. He has shared his insights on security issues in 1000+ interviews. He is privileged to have done this for over 100 different media outlets worldwide, including TV, radio, newspapers and Internet broadcasts/podcasts.

Specific topics he has addressed within his realm of competency include terrorism, event security, VIP security, threats to civil aviation, emergency evacuations, national threat alert systems, cyber extremism and organizational, physical, and human resilience security and crisis management measures.

His aim is to provide unbiased insight into the risk implications of the issue at hand, often based on first-hand experience with similar situations. In most cases, this involves breaking news or an ongoing crisis situation. He has appeared as a crisis and security issue expert on CNN for 30 years.

glenn schoen cnn

To maintain his independence he is not and never has been paid for any of his media appearances. Provided there is no possible conflict of confidentiality or client interests, he assists journalists of quality news platforms as time and circumstances allow.

Select Media Served

ABC News
Algemeen Dagblad
Argos MediaLogic
ASIS International GSX+ Podcast
Associated Press
Australian Broadcasting Company
Avro Twee Vandaag
Bangkok Post
BNR Nieuws Radio
Boston Herald
Boston Public Radio
Canadian Broadcasting Service
CBS News
Chicago Tribune
CNN, CNN International
De Standaard
Der Kurier
De Stentor
Die Zeit
Een Vandaag
El Observador
El Pais
Financieel Dagblad
Gazet van Antwerpen
Goedemorgen Nederland
International Herald Tribune
International Defense Review
Jerusalem Post
Journaux Maroc
Knight Ridder News Service
Le Monde
Miami Herald
Minneapolis-St. Paul Pioneer Press
National Public Radio
NATO Review
NATO Newsletter
New Zealand Talk News
News Asia Channel
NBC, NBC News Radio
NOS / NPO 1, 2, 3 Radio & TV
NRC Handelsblad
Pauw & Witteman
Pentagon Early Bird
Radio Caracol
RTL Deutschland
RTL Nederland
San Francisco Chronicle
School TV Week Journaal
Seattle Times
Security Director News
Security Magazine
Security Management
The Times
The Times of India
TV1 France
USA Today
Van Liempt Live
Voice of America
Washington Post
Washingtonian Magazine
World News Network

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