Glenn Schoen enjoys a varied career in crisis and security management that so far has ranged from operations and analysis to management and consulting. An American born and raised in the Netherlands, his trans-Atlantic professional life focuses on the practical understanding and mitigation of security risks and other crisis drivers, and leveraging this knowledge for high performance levels. His key specialty is international terrorism, having worked the issue since 1985.

Positions Held

Founder and CEO (2015-present)
Boardroom@Crisis BV

Speaker / Faculty Member (2022-present)
Speakers Academy

Business Unit Director (2011-2015)
Executive Advisor (2010-2011)
G4S Risk Advisory BV

Senior Manager (2005-2010)
Ernst & Young Security & Integrity Services BV

Director European Operations (2004-2005)
Director of Analysis (1995-2004)
General Manager (1993-1995)
TranSecur Inc.

Director Analytical Services (1995-2005)
Project Manager (1991-1995)
Analyst (1988-1990)
International Security Management Inc.

Lecturer – Adjunct Faculty (1996-2007)
Georgetown University Continuing Studies

Volunteer Staff (1993)
White House Presidential Personnel Department

Contributing Author and Analyst (1987-1988)
Counter-Terrorism & Security Report LLC

Research Associate (1987-1988)
UMI Terrorism – An International Resource File

Police Officer (1985, 1987-1988)
American University Police Department

Intern – Liaison to US Senate (1985)
National Forum Foundation

Security Officer (1984-1985)
Wittenberg University Student Patrol

Soccer Goalkeeping Coach (1983-1984)
Ohio Summer Soccer Camps

Select Professional Activities

ASIS European Regional Board of Directors

ASIS European Governance Work Stream Panel

United Nations ICRI Working Group


Co-Director, ASIS European Board Committee on Membership
Member, ASIS International European Regional Board of Directors
Member, ASIS International European Governance Work Stream Panel
Session Leader, Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT)
Member, NEN/ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management Working Group
Member, Global Counter Terrorism Forum (GCTF) Expert Panel
Lecturer, CrowdCare / Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
Co-Founder, EY-TNO Security & Crisis Management Forum
Member, NCTV Public Spaces Protection Guidance Group
Member, Washington DC Terrorism Sub-Committee ASIS
Member, United Nations ICRI Terrorism Expert Panel
Grand Master, DC White House Hash House Harriers
Lecturer, PinPoint Master Class Crisis Management
Contributor, NL Terrorism Reinsurance Fund Panel
President, Netherlands Society of Washington DC
Instructor, UFI Certified Professional Program
Instructor, AIPC Certification Academy
Chairman, NL Country Council, OSAC
Trustee, UK Arnhem 1944 Fellowship
Board Member, Tascet


Worshipful Company of Security Professionals
US State Department OSAC
ASIS International
White House WH3

30 Years of OSAC in The Netherlands (2020).pdf



(Note: Due to client confidentiality and government classification restraints almost none of his writings between 1991 and 2015 were in the public domain. This includes his contribution to over 200 written evaluation, investigation, concept and review reports and more than 400 shorter client topic/issue/event assessments.) 

Author or Contributor

Crisis management sinkholes: de kloof tussen CMT en de C-Suite, Crisisbeheersing Waardevolle Lessen, Editor Gert-Jan Ludden, SVDC, 2023
Code Black: 50 Lessons in Crisis Management for Effective Leadership, ISBN 979841-4418085, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), 2022
Business Events are the Fast Track to Recovery, G3, February 2022
Hybrid Events – Just How Profound a Pivot?, AIPC, December 2021
Good Practice Guidance: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events Version 3, 
AIPC – ICCA – UFI, April 2021
Good Practice Guidance: Convention and Exhibition Centres as Temporary Vaccination Centres, 
AIPC – ICCA – UFI, March 2021
Good Practice Guidance: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events Version 2, 
AIPC – ICCA – UFI, September 2020
Good Practice Guidance: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events,
AIPC – ICCA – UFI, May 2020
Good Practice Guidance on Temporary Emergency Facilities, AIPC – UFI, April 2020
Good Practice Guidance on Managing COVID-19 Challenges, AIPC – UFI, March 2020
Good Practice Guidance: Managing Acute Threats, AIPC, 2019
The New Frontier in Enterprise Risk Management, Interview for Tascet, October 2018
Terrorisme in Europa: Een Blik Vooruit,
Na Vandaag, Editors Rob Brons and Peter van Lochem, SIVV 2017
Terrorismus und Unternehmenssicherheit, Interview for WIK – Allianz fur die Sicherheit der Wirtschaft – ASW, Fall 2015
Minimizing the Risks to Life, Gazette, EPO In-House Magazine, 2010
Handbook to Assist the Establishment of PPPs to Protect Vulnerable Targets, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice research institute, 2010
2009 Plenary Meeting Summary of Highlights, Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear terrorism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, 2009
Kijken en Bekeken Worden, Radicalisering en Terreurdreiging, Academie Politie Amsterdan-Amstelland, ISBN 90-74767-12-5, 2005
Spain Faces Mammoth Security Tests in 1992, Security Intelligence Report, December 1991
Security Operations, Soviet Style with Dr. J. William Derleth, Security Intelligence Report, February 1991
Written Testimony, Energy and Commerce SubCommittee on Health and the Environment, US House of Representatives, US Congress, January 1990
Holland’s Hostage Rescuers’, International Defense Review, November 1989
KGB Fields New Hostage Rescue Unit, with Dr. J. William Derleth, Armed Forces Journal International, October 1989
Profile: Anti-Imperialist International Brigade, Counter-Terrorism Security Intelligence,
August 1988
Iranian State-Sponsored Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism Security Intelligence, July 1988
Profile: Japanese Red Army, Security Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism, July 1988
Profile: Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA), Security Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism, June 1988
Profile: Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action, Security Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism,
May 1988
The Dynamics of Single Issue Terrorism, ’Counter Terrorism & Security, September 1989
The Correlation Between Ideological Intensity and Terrorist Activity as a Predictive Indicator of Terrorist Behavior, Graduate School Master’s Thesis, The Ohio State University, Advisors: Dr. James Harf, Dr. Richard Herrmann, Dr. Joseph Kruzel, 1987
Terrorism: A Catalyst of Three Analytical Approaches, Graduate School Independent Study, The Ohio State University, Advisor: Dr. James Harf, 1986


Battle at Veghel Revisited, by Robert E. Perdue, Jr., PhD, in After the Battle, 2005
Terrorism An International Research File, Annual Academic Literature Resource, University Microfiche International, 1988, 1989, 1990
Governmental Responses to Terrorism, Hero Terrorism Book Series (select articles), Editors Yonah Alexander & James S. Denton, Institute for Studies on International Terrorism – State University of New York & Institute for Social and Behavioral Pathology – University of Chicago, 1986
International Terrorism: The Search for a Policy, Edward E. Lynch, National Forum Foundation, 1986

Peer Reviewed

Terrorists on Trial: A Performative Perspective, Edited by Beatrice de Graaf & Alex P. Schmid, Leiden University Press, ISBN 978-90-8728-2400, 2016


Nothing is Impossible: The Horsa Glider Returns After 75 Years (Booklet), by Luuk Buist, Behoudt WO II Erfgoed Gelderland, 2019


Academic Education

Executive Education Course, Supply Chains in Crisis (2020)
INSEAD Business School
Executive Education Course, Kennedy School of Government (2017)
Harvard University
Post-Graduate Study, International Affairs (1987-1988)
American University
Master of Arts (MA), International Relations (1987)
The Ohio State University
Graduate Study, International Relations (1986)
Webster University
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Political Science (1986)
Wittenberg University
Washington Semester Program in Political Science (1985)
American University
VWO Atheneum A diploma (1983)
Eerste VCL

Post-Academic Professional Education

75+ Security-related Education Seminars / Courses / Master Classes (1988-present)
Including: ASIS International, OSAC, ECSA, IAFCI, EBSA, IBSA, IFSAC
Brainshare Strategies Seminar (2019)
MCI Group

Transformational Leadership Seminar (2019)
Trompenaar Hampden-Turner Ltd
Preventing Bribery and Corruption UK Anti-Bribery Act Course (2012)
G4S Risk Management UK
Advisory Quality Service Delivery Courses (2007, 2009, 2010)
Ernst & Young LLC
Communications Training Course (2010)
Bex Communicatie
Business Negotiation Course (2006)
Karass International
Corporate Marketing Strategy Development Course (2000)
Action International Business Coaching
Professional Career Development Course (1998, 2000)
Robbins International
Professional Education Studies, Policy Analysis (1990-1991)
Georgetown University
Firearms Training (1990-1991)
Heckler & Koch USA
CPP Review Course (No Certification) (1988-1989)
ASIS International
Security/Policing/Criminal Law Instruction (1984-1989)
American University Police Department, US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department, Ohio Support Services, US Secret Service, US Park Police, Montgomery County Police Department